The Merge

Sweet Sounds, LLC meets Sounds Alive

Sounds Alive building in Neenah had a great following and clientele for many years; all 11 instructor rooms were full, with a list of students in each one. However, as Ken (the building owner) grew closer to wanting to retire, the business slowly faded so that Ken could focus on his music and family from his own home. Sounds Alive had fallen into a coma.

After Ken had the building listed for sale, and after almost 8 years of practice, Sweet Sounds, LLC came out of the woodwork. The owner of Sweet Sounds: Samantha, had been looking for local piano and guitar teachers to help her take on some of the clients she had acquired in her growing business. This is how Samantha met Ken. 

Hearing the great opportunites at Sounds Alive and finding out that both owners had a like-minded attitude towards music and the passion that comes with it; they decided to team up. With Ken's building and Samantha's new ideas and modern mindset, the partnership turned to be very lucrative! Samantha had wonderful advancements with Sweet Sounds while Ken could take a step back to focus on teaching like he had wanted.

Now, Sweet Sounds has brought new life to the building, new instructors, new students; everything. 

Sweet Sounds guarantees to not only keep the old ways around, but to improve them with modern perspective.

 We've never been about the money, Sweet Sounds started as a single mother that was looking for opportunity to do what she loved while staying home with her son. This mindset will stay with the company no matter how much it grows; music is about the love, not the profit. 

Which leads me to our mission statement: No musician is left behind.

Whether the musician is a new student that can't even read music yet, or whether it's a veteran performer that's been teaching for years; no matter the financial situation, location, or learning level, we want to share the gift that is music with as many musicians as possible.

"This mindset will stay with the company no matter how much it grows; music is about the love, not the profit."